My Polish-American Mother
Frances Lareau

Frances Lareau, author of My Polish-American Mother
Frances was born just after the Second World War.  She grew up in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and lived with her mother, brother, grandparents and uncle.  Fran married at the age of nineteen and a year into her marriage moved to Miami, Florida.  She has three grown children and three grandchildren.  Frances had a successful business before she decided to go back to school to become a funeral director.  She has been active in local organizations, loves her dogs Cocoa and Cora and enjoys cooking.

Join Frances in a journey through her childhood and the rediscovery of a bond between her and her Polish American Mother. Go with her as she carefully reads each of the numerous recipes, song lyrics and views the photos reflecting her mother's personality.  Fran finds what she is looking for and is both delighted and saddened by it all.