My Polish-American Mother
Frances Lareau

 Welcome to my website!
I'm Frances Lareau, author of The Shadow of My First Love and My Polish-American Mother.

About the Author:
Frances Lareau is the author of “My Polish American Mother.” She is a practicing Funeral Director and in her spare time, she continues to write. She is a graduate of Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Ms. Lareau resides in Florida with her son and two lovable dogs


About my latest book, The Shadow of My First Love:
A naive girl falls in love with an older boy who does not know that she even exists as a future romantic love. Eventually a years past, she learns who he really is. He is careless, unreliable and selfishly he lives his life ruthlessly. However, she only sees the good in him and in the end she has grown smarter and wiser.

About my first book, My Polish-American Mother:
Since I was a child boxes have always intrigued me. I had always wondered what type of treasures and memories individuals would place in a box and keep forever.

My mother had kept everything she had treasured and wanted to keep secret from the world in a particular box.

I remember when my mom moved in with me she had a box filled with her paper and her stuff that she treasured. I watched her place the box methodically under the window by her bed. This box stayed there until her death.

My mom being a secretive person had always intrigued me. Several months after her death I realized it was now time to clean her room. As I was cleaning her dresser, I looked into the mirror and I stared at that box for several minutes.

The moment I picked up the box, I know my journey to learning about our relationship was about to begin.